The only way you'll experience all the great cuisine on Turks and Caicos is to extend your vacation.  One word of warning, dining out here is expensive so do your research and decide what best fits your budget.

Here are a few suggestions:

Coco Bistro - Ask anyone "Where must I eat during my visit?" and just about everyone will say Coco Bistro.  Chef Stuart Gray serves fresh local cuisine under a starlit sky and swaying coconut palms.  Be sure to make reservations before you arrive on T&C as this restaurant is booked full weeks in advance.

Kitchen 218 - Take a stroll down the beach for a meal at Kitchen 218.  The ingredients are served fresh daily. The restaurant is complete with a herb garden to provide you with as much farm-to-table produce as possible, so you can truly taste the freshness of the cuisine.

Via Veneto - Via Veneto prepares authentic Italian food prepared by native Romans (Aldo and Catherine). They import 90% of the ingredients direct from Italy and while you're eating you'll be convinced you've been transported to Rome.  Saturday night is Pizza Night!

Mr. Grouper's - If you like seafood, don't miss a night at the casual Mr. Grouper's.  Everyone recommends the coconut-crusted grouper and the strong rum punch.  Come here for a fun and affordable evening of delicious seafood.

da Conch Shack - If you couldn't make it to Mr. Grouper's then be sure to check out da Conch Shack for the freshest seafood.  As you could imagine conch is their speciality but they offer a wide variety of fish and lobster when available.  There is also lots of "jerk" and spicy options for the more adventurous.

Mango Reef - Specializing in fresh local flavors and seafood with a selection of international favorites including curries, paella, and Thai dishes. Nearly every seat is waterfront on Turtle Cove canal.  Mango Reef is a 20 minute walk or so from Coral Gardens.

Magnolia Restaurant and Wine Bar - Magnolia has the best views for dining perched 40 feet above Turtle Cove.  They offer a great lineup of wines from around the world at good prices considering how far it has traveled.  My fave dish here is the sesame crusted rare seared tuna entree.  

Bella Luna - We love Italian food so we needed another place.  Chef Cosimo Tripodi perfectly blends Caribbean flavors in Italian dishes.  Fine dining Italian on one level and pizza on another.  Bella Luna is a staple in the Provo dining community.

Le Bouchon du Village - Need a break from burgers, fish and pizza?  Enjoy foie gras, escargots, and confit at Le Bouchon.  Oh wait, they also have fish, burgers, and a pasta dish or two.  Le Bouchon is Regent Plaza and is an hours walk along the beach or a 10 minute cab ride.  

Somewhere Cafe - You will undoubtedly visit Somewhere Cafe during your stay at Coral Gardens as this bar/restaurant is on the property. Breakfast service begins at 8:30am and Mexican'ish meals (nachos, tacos, burritos, burgers, steaks)  are served throughout the day.  Jamaican-born Jermaine will serve you a delicious, cold drinks.