Fish Fry - Every Thursday from 5:30 until 9:30 it seems the whole island meets at the Bight Children's Park which is a brief 10-15 minute walk down the beach.  You will find local bands and DJ's playing music while everyone jockeys for their spot in line at their favorite local food tent and there are tons of options for fish, chicken, conch and lobster.  Want to feel like a local during your visit, don't miss Thursday's at the fish fry.  Get here early as seating fills quickly!

Food Shopping - The Graceway IGA supermarket on Leeward Highway is short taxi ride away ($10 each way). Although you are on vacation, it is a good idea to do some grocery shopping for a few home cooked meals (breakfast or lunch).  Not to mention, you can save quite a few bucks buying beer and wine here to be enjoyed on your patio while overlooking the Grace Bay beach.  

Car - Do you need a car? Not really if you plan to eat, drink and play only in the Grace Bay area but be ready to walk. The Salt Mills and Regent Village for shopping and dining are about a 10 minute drive from Coral Gardens. We'd recommend you rent a car for the first 2-3 days of a week long trip as you can go grocery shopping, explore the island during the day and drive to that distant restaurant at night avoiding the costly taxi fare. As you vacation is winding down and you are finally relaxed, ditch the car and stay local as there are a fair number of dining options nearby. See our Special Offers page to save a few dollars on that rental.

Mosquitoes - For the most part Turks and Caicos does not have any problems with mosquitoes.  After a heavy rain you may want to apply a bit of repellent if dining outdoors at night.  Consumer Reports recommends Sawyer Picaridin inspect repellent if you are inclined to be prepared.